How to effectively remove the smell of cat or dog urine? We debunk the myths.

How to effectively remove the smell of cat or dog urine? We debunk the myths.

Every dog ​​or cat keeper loves everything related to their pet: from a wet nose to the tip of the tail. Occasionally, however, accidents do happen indoors, such as cats’ or dogs’ urine on the couch or carpet. Especially when looking after a puppy or a kitten, it is worth knowing ways to effectively remove and neutralize the smell, which is often difficult to extract.

In this article, we debunk myths about homemade ways to deal with unpleasant odours and show you how to make your home with a dog and a cat smell clean, not your pet.

How to remove the smell of urine with home remedies – we debunk the myths

If you are a guardian of a canine or feline adolescent – you know how troublesome it can be to neutralize the stains and smell of urine left by your pet. You have certainly tested more than one solution, and the suggested home remedies did not always bring the expected effect. What advice can you meet and why is it worth investing in professional odour neutralizers?

  • The use of strong detergents for cleaning toilets or bleach – these types of products contain substances that may be toxic to your pet and other household members. They are definitely not supposed to be used to neutralize urine odour from household surfaces.
  • Washing with water and vinegar. it is a natural combination that should not harm the animal, but removing the smell using this method is laborious and burdensome. The specific smell of vinegar can linger in the room from a few hours to about two days, which will not necessarily be pleasant for you and your household. Additionally, there is no 100% certainty that the smell of urine will be completely neutralized.
  • Using baking soda – to effectively act on unpleasant stains, sprinkle it on the stained area or make a paste with diluted water and leave it for a few hours in a place contaminated with urine (in the case of heavy dirt – leave it overnight). Remember that soda consumed in larger amounts by your curious pet friend can be toxic to him.
  • Heat spray to neutralize the smell from the hair – you can meet the advice to remove the unpleasant smell of the dog’s hair (eg after the dog appears in the dirt) with a spray for un-neutered females coming into season. Sprays of this type mask odours for several hours, but do not have permanent neutralizing properties. In addition, the smell that the dog tried to “mask” is so strong that this type of product may be ineffective.

Neutralizers of dog and cat odours – what to consider when choosing the right preparation?

On the market, you will find a wide range of preparations neutralizing odours left by animals, but it is worth knowing the differences between individual products to choose the one that will best deal with your problem.

These products can be classified into two groups:

  • Enzyme agents break down substances of organic origin (including urine, faeces, vomit). It takes some time to achieve the full effect of enzymes – depending on the type of contamination, it may take several minutes, even up to the need to repeat the activities the next day. In some cases, to increase the effectiveness of the action, it is recommended to cover the dirty area with a foil that will activate the action of the preparation. Neutralizers containing enzymes should not be used at high temperatures and together with household cleaning products, it is also not advisable to apply them directly to the animal.
  • Non-enzymatic neutralizers – these are formulas that permanently bind odour particles on contaminated surfaces. The effect of their action is quick, leads to complete neutralization, does not mask the smell. High-quality non-enzymatic neutralizers can be used at high temperatures and simultaneously with household cleaning products (floor liquids, washing powders). You can also use this type of neutralizer directly on the animal because it is completely safe and non-toxic.

If you have already chosen the neutralizer that will best refresh your home, remember a few tips that will help you keep it clean as a pet sitter:

  • Regularly clean the bedding and blankets on which your pet is sleeping. You can wash them in liquid with the addition of a neutralizing concentrate for washing.
  • Wipe the dog’s feet after a walk. Regularly clean the floors with a liquid containing a neutralizing concentrate for the floors.
  • If your pet happens to deal with its needs in undesirable places, use a neutralizer with which you can spray the contaminated surface – carpet, bedding, floor or sofa.
  • Choose a neutralizer instead of air fresheners. Animal odour neutralizers help to get rid of persistent odours, not just hide them. Thanks to them, it smells fresh at home, and the product is safe for the environment.

 Features of a perfect neutralizer:

  • Effective – it does not mask the smell, but permanently neutralizes it and works immediately.
  • Convenient – just spray a contaminated place or your pet.
  • Possibility of application directly onto the animal – if your pet has gotten dirty, they smell of urine or roll in stinky things, apply a local neutralizer, which will be completely safe for your pet due to the non-toxic formula.
  • absolutely safe for animals, people and home.
  • A wide range of applications – you can use it in many situations, and the effectiveness and speed of action will make your life much easier, for example, directly spraying the source of the unpleasant smell (also onto your pet), using it as a washing additive, washing the floor and large surface or using it as an air freshener.

By following the above tips, you will minimize the risk of your pet going to the toilet at home. And in the event of a domestic accident, with the help of an effective neutralizer, you will be able to quickly remove unpleasant odours and keep the house clean.

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