Based on evidence products & own formulas

In cooperation with veterinary Experts, we have developed the widest portfolio of products based on our own formulas (nutraceuticals, veterinary diets, maintenance food, cosmetics, odor management, veterinary diagnostics). The concept of creating products “VET EXPERT. Based on evidence“ guarantees visible results supported by scientific evidence.

It is our priority to meet most stringent production quality requirements. Products are manufactured exclusively in plants with the highest pharmaceutical quality certificate, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and the process conforms to the same standards as those applied in the production of human medication.

Global reach

Our products are distributed to over 40 countries and valued by veterinarians and pet parents around the world.

We are proud of our achievements, they motivate us to further develop and make efforts to gain the trust of veterinarians and animal keepers in every latitude.

Expert Team

Product quality starts at the planning stage. The formulations of our dietary supplements, diets and pet food are developed by professionals in pet nutrition with outstanding clinical and academic experience. We cooperate with leading global experts in order to develop best-in-class product solutions.

Innovation focus

We are science-driven. Innovative. Efficient. Focused on development.
Our Research & Development Team is the biggest in Pet Industry in Europe and it  consists of leading experts in the veterinary universe. We create extraordinary and unique solutions on a global scale. We made plenty of worldwide innovations introduced to the veterinary universe and constantly work on new ones. We also share knowledge through our scientific magazine “Veterinary Life”.

Brand recognition

We are the leader in the category of supplements for dogs and cats in trust and recommendations of veterinarians (proven by Kantar survey; the company was ranked as no. 1 in the countries where the research was conducted).

We also receive numerous awards and distinctions, however, we are most pleased with the awards granted by the pet parents.

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