How to care for your dog’s skin and coat

How to care for your dog’s skin and coat

The shiny coat and healthy skin of your pet is not about only a beautiful appearance of your pet but also a reason to be proud of the guardian. The condition of the skin and coat reflects the health of dogs or cats.

Dog skin is an underestimated organ of great importance

The skin is the largest organ in any dog ​​and cat. Like any organ, it is specialized to perform important functions in the animal’s body. It is a protective barrier against environmental factors, participates in thermoregulation and is the main location for touch receptors.

The skin cells accumulate water, which gives it proper elasticity. On the other hand, the subcutaneous tissue accumulates fat, which is an essential insulating material and is an additional source of energy used by the body when needed.

The skin is responsible for the production of structures, including such as hair or claws. The quality of the pet’s coat depends to a large extent on the health of the skin.

Dog skin

Dog skin structure – differences from human skin

Dog shedding – what is it?

Shedding is a periodic replacement of the hair coat which is a completely natural process. Every dog ​​sheds. Shedding usually takes place twice a year: in early spring and fall. The shedding intensity is influenced by the processes taking place in the body (depending on the diet, health condition and hormonal stimulation) and external factors (usually related to the weather and seasons of the year).

Caring for a dog’s coat – why is it so important?

If the quality of the coat has deteriorated, your dog may have health problems. The second cause may be an improperly balanced diet, as a result of which the animal suffers from deficiencies of substances essential for the health of the skin and hair, such as biotin, zinc and Omega acids.

The most common hair problems and their causes

Excessive hair loss, dandruff in a dog, dry and dull coat, or scratching – these are the most common problems that both dog and cat carers can face.

Sometimes long-term skin changes (e.g., seborrhea) may be the result of endocrine diseases such as allergy or hypothyroidism in a dog.

The most common causes of excessive hair loss include the following factors:

  • Poorly balanced diet
  • Parasitic diseases
  • Hormonal disorders
  • A skin allergy in a dog
  • Bacterial or fungal infections
  • Behavioral disturbances

If you notice disturbing symptoms – consult a veterinarian. Based on the information obtained from the history of nutrition, history of diseases and after appropriate tests, the doctor will be able to make a diagnosis. The next step is to recommend a proper diet and targeted pharmacotherapy or to include therapeutic baths. Administering vitamin preparations supporting the regeneration of the skin and hair will additionally help reduce the perceived ailments.

Should you administer dietary supplements?

If your dog’s hair loss and skin changes are caused by deficiencies associated with a poor diet, you can support your pet by supplementing the diet with a preparation containing ingredients to support healthy skin and hair. The most important ones are:

  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are the building blocks of the skin that protect and regenerate
  • Complex of B vitamins provides the skin with proper nourishment, adequate elasticity and protects against excessive drying
  • Biotin and zinc regulate the secretion of sebum and reduce greasy hair

When is it better to support the pet’s skin and hair from the inside?

  • if administering your pet a home diet or using mixed feeding, not being sure if your pet’s meals are properly balanced
  • During periods of deterioration in the quality of the hair, replacement of the coat
  • When the problem is dry, flaky skin, dull and brittle hair
  • In cases of excessive secretion of sebum

Perfect hair preparation features

  • Good products for dog hair contain ingredients with scientifically proven effects, formulated in such a way as to give the best effect together – pay attention to the comprehensive composition that best supports the functions of the skin and coat
  • Choose preparations that you can be sure have been developed by specialists who have knowledge and experience in animal nutrition – this is a guarantee of their quality and effectiveness
  • It is important that the preparation is easy to administer and tasty – choosing one, you will be sure that your pet will accept it with pleasure
  • It is trusted and readily recommended by veterinarians

An example of such a preparation is VetoSkin by Vet Expert.

Your veterinarian’s opinion is important – be sure to use it when looking for a good product. By giving your dog the right hair preparations, you will ensure a shiny coat and a beautiful appearance, and above all, healthy skin. Ask your veterinarian about such a preparation.

Remember to check the condition of your pet’s skin and hair regularly. This will allow you to notice any changes early and react quickly, eliminating the cause of them.


Author: Izabela Cupiał

Zoopsychologist, veterinary technician, animal lover and enthusiast of cynological sports. Privately, a caretaker of two mongrels: Mimi and Pongo.

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